CM Transfer – Share files- Make Sharing a Fun Game

CM Transfer – Share files app is one of the best-rated apps for sharing files available at Google Play. Its publishers and developers are Clean Master. The company that has introduced this app is a very famous named Cheetah Mobile.2

Features of CM Transfer – Share files

This powerful file transfer app comes with lot of valuable features that are really effective for the end user, below are some of the interesting features mentioned, have a glance;

  • CM Transfer – Share files app allow you to send your contacts safely, speedily as well as easily.
  • CM Transfer – Share files app entails its users to share their apps with friends anytime and anywhere.
  • CM Transfer – Share files also give you a chance to share your favourite music or movie with family and friend so all of you can enjoy it at the same time.
  • CM Transfer – Share files let the users share their memorable pictures and videos of any event such as birthday party, summer trip or cricket match etc with family and friends.
  • CM Transfer – Share files also enables users to share the downloaded apps as well. If you find something like a fun game, do share it with your friend as well with the help of this useful tool.

Highlights about the CM Transfer – Share files

  • CM Transfer – Share files comes with easy to use interface that allows you to share files smoothly and easier than before.
  • CM Transfer – Share files speed is it’s another power feature. It is considered one of the fastest apps when it comes to sharing files with speed up to 5MB/s, 10MB/s. taken it another way it is 150 times faster than Bluetooth.
CM Transfer – Share files- Make Sharing a Fun Game
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