CM Transfer – Share files- Make Sharing a Fun Game

CM Transfer – Share files app is one of the best-rated apps for sharing files available at Google Play. Its publishers and developers are Clean Master. The company that has introduced this app is a very famous named Cheetah Mobile.2

Features of CM Transfer – Share files

This powerful file transfer app comes with lot of valuable features that are really effective for the end user, below are some of the interesting features mentioned, have a glance;

  • CM Transfer – Share files app allow you to send your contacts safely, speedily as well as easily.
  • CM Transfer – Share files app entails its users to share their apps with friends anytime and anywhere.
  • CM Transfer – Share files also give you a chance to share your favourite music or movie with family and friend so all of you can enjoy it at the same time.
  • CM Transfer – Share files let the users share their memorable pictures and videos of any event such as birthday party, summer trip or cricket match etc with family and friends.
  • CM Transfer – Share files also enables users to share the downloaded apps as well. If you find something like a fun game, do share it with your friend as well with the help of this useful tool.

Highlights about the CM Transfer – Share files

  • CM Transfer – Share files comes with easy to use interface that allows you to share files smoothly and easier than before.
  • CM Transfer – Share files speed is it’s another power feature. It is considered one of the fastest apps when it comes to sharing files with speed up to 5MB/s, 10MB/s. taken it another way it is 150 times faster than Bluetooth.

A Useful AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage application

With the advancement in information technology sector, we are also becoming more demanding. The impressive applications of Smartphone have taken the world by storm. We come across unique apps almost every day that actually makes our life easier. There always has been an increasing demand for apps that help file transfer easier and speedier. When it comes to transferring or manage big size files we face many difficulties. Using email as a way-out for sending files also pose some limitations with regards to the amount of data. However, with the introduction of AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage app this issue has been solved.logoVideo AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage facilitates users to transfer and manage larger files with ease and speed. This application allows you to access transfer and manage files between android devices, Mac or different web browser for free. You can share the files with your friends as well. File transfer feature introduced by AirDroid enables the users to share files with anyone they want. If you want to enjoy using this tremendous feature you have to first sign in to the AirDroid on your smart device with the same account.

How to use AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage?unnamed

First of all, you are required to open AirDroid: File Transfer/Manage application onto your device and then select file transfer option.

Next, you are required to select the file you want to transfer plus the device to whom the file is being sent. Click on the send button and you will see the file on the other device right away.

How to transfer files from Android to PC/Mac?

In order to transfer files from once device to the computer, you need to open the app on your device and then select file transfer button.

Select the AirDroid Desktop and follow the same process, you will get the file onto your computer right away.

MyAppSharer- Sharing Made Easy

The smartphone world is changing at a rapid pace and we see ever new apps introducing to us that have made life easier and fun. Android apps are critical to have. MyAppSharer is no exception to such apps that has rendered a valuable service to end users. Myappsharer app for mobile

If you want to share the google play link or complete installation package of any app with your friends, MyAppSharer is way out that you should opt for. This is a handy tool that let you send any of the installed apps in most simple, quick and convenient way. There are two ways by which you can transfer the apps, via link or app. There are also two options that you can choose from, that is either you want to share only a single app or multiple apps at one time. This depends on all your need and choice. MyAppSharer no doubt has made sharing easier and speedier.Myappsharer apk

How MyAppSharer works?

MyAppSharer is a simple to use app and you can use it with the steps mentioned below, have a glance;

  1. First of all, you need to select the app you want to share by clicking its icon.
  2. Next, tap the share feature and wait for the menu to pop up.
  3. The menu will display a list of option to where you want the file to be send. You can also use messages for File sharing app links or the app Bluetooth, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Dropbox are some of the other ways that you can choose to share.
  4. Select the device of the recipient and hit the share button.
  5. Done!

This is how simple it is to share apps with the help of MyAppSharer. Certainly, things might not have much easier if such apps were not available to us. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we are now living up a new lifestyle!

Major Aspects of 4 Share Apps – File Transfer

There are numerous different methods to transfer files from one device to another. It depends on the type and size of the file being transferred that how long it will take it to perform the action. You may also experience some limitations with certain kind of transferring platforms. It long has been the trend to transfer attachments or files via emails. No doubt it is the fastest and easiest method available. However, it requires an internet connection. But with the advancement in technology and Smartphone apps, there are new ways of transferring files and media that are even easier and convenient for many users. One of such app that lets you share and transfer media files, documents, videos, and photos in an easy and speedy way is 4 Share Apps – File Transfer.4-Share-Apps-portada With 4 Share Apps File Transfer app you can share files that can be your photos, videos, installed apps, documents, text files or music files. The size of the file does matter and you won’t bother about how it will transfer since 4 Share Apps – File Transfer app works exceptionally well in this regard.unnamed

  • With just a single click you can backup installed apps to your SDcard of the device.
  • 4 Share Apps – File Transfer also enables users to check other sharing apps.
  • 4 Share Apps – File Transfer supports up to 31 languages that include English, Arabic, Italian, Chinese to name a few.

How to download?

Downloading 4 Share Apps – File Transfer onto your smart device is easier than ever. Have a look below;

  • First, you need to install android emulator such as APK file on your device.
  • Search for 4 Share Apps – File Transfer and click on the download button.
  • Wait for the installation process.
  • Open 4 Share Apps – File Transfer and use it for sharing files.

Fast File Transfer- Quick and Reliable Solution

Are you hunting for a fast file transfer application? By providing the shortest path between devices, Fast File Transfer is the best option available that drastically send files in no time. People nowadays use different applications to simplify their lives.Fast File Transfer mobile

New features of Fast File Transfer

  • Fast File Transfer will set up the path via built-in QR scanner and will perform the transferring functions smoothly.
  • Transfer file at lightning speed.
  • It also enables you to receive files from other devices including Mac/PC and android.
  • The receiving device can download all the files all at one time with just a mouse click.
  • No Bluetooth and cable data is needed while using the app. Fast File Transfer only demands an internet connection or Wi-Fi.
  • The speed by which the files transfer depends on sender as well as a receiver
  • File transfer software applications are available for different capacities, however, with Fast File Transfer application you have an unlimited amount of data exchange facility.
  • If your internet connection speed is fast, the exchange will be done in no time. Share your memorable moments through photos and videos with people you want anytime with this app.
  • You can make your app secure with a password.
  • Fast File Transfer app design and interface is pretty good for the users to easily operate it.

How to download?

  • To download the app, open Google play store.
  • Browse for Fast File Transfer app.
  • Click on download button to install the app onto your android device.
  • Click Fast File Transfer icon to open the app and start working.

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The bottom line is, Fast File Transfer works on the criterion of providing end users the best file transferring experience with compliance support, safety, reliability, and convenience. Download it now and it will help you for sure.